Franz West - Koppen

Rubensplein, Knokke

About the statue:

Franz West - Koppen

There are currently two cylinder-shaped buildings on the Rubensplein that function as pillars, on which the five meter tall heads of West rest. Those very physical heads, consisting of forms moulded out of primary mass, have something carnivalesque about them, as is found rather frequently in West‘s oeuvre.

They were made from a type of synthetic resin, a new material developed at the VUB that can withstand the severe maritime climate, the storms erosion by sand and the bright light.

Purchased in 2004.

About the Artist:

Lives and works in Vienna. He studied at the Academy for Visual Arts. He has been continuously exhibiting his work all over the world since 1970, amongst which also in the precursor of the Ghent SMAK museum in 1987, 1989 and 1995, in the Centre for Fine Arts Brussels (1998), in Bruges (Gallery Bruges la Morte, 1990 and 1993), in Middelheim (1998), Hotel Empain is Brussels (1999), several times in Documenta Kassel.

He sculpts (or models) from abstract to figurative, and everything in between, in all sorts of materials, even papier-mâché. Besides catalogues, a few hundred reviews were published on his work.

Franz West - KoppenFranz West - KoppenFranz West - KoppenFranz West - KoppenFranz West - KoppenFranz West - KoppenFranz West - Koppen
Austria (Vienna)

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