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Jan/Aldrik Vercruysse/Heirman - IJzerpark

IJzerpark, Knokke

About the statue:

Vercruysse/Heirman - IJzerpark

The green lung near the Dumortierlaan was transformed into a sloping dune landscape by the landscape artist Aldrik Heirman.

It is now a sandy park with windy roads and cosy sitting areas. There is also the “Tuin van Plezier” (Garden of Pleasure): a maze designed by the artist Jan Vercruysse. This maze is truly a surprising breath of fresh air with its austere design and water gardens.

About the Artist:

Jan Vercruysse (Belgium(Ostend) - 1948) is one of the most influential Belgian artists. He is an established name in the sculpturing world of the last decades. The plastic work of Vercruysse mostly refers to architecture and the theatre.

Aldrik Heirman (Belgium (Ghent) - 1966) grew up in the Belgian art world as the oldest son of art photographer Rony Heirman. Even in his early childhood years, he was fascinated by nature and gardens and very quickly developed a distinct vision on landscape architecture and cultivating plants.

Everything he designs should first and foremost be something where people can live in, design stems from perception. In his personal nursery, he lets his plants grow the way they want, station and coincidence determine what a tree or shrub will eventually look like.

Vercruysse/Heirman - IJzerparkVercruysse/Heirman - IJzerpark

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