Charles Samuel - Tijl en Nele

Charles De Costerlaan/Keuvelhoekstraat, Knokke

About the statue:

Charles  Samuel - Tijl en Nele

This statue, hewn from one block of white Carrara marble, is an ode to the tale of Tijl and Nele. Samuel also made, as an admirer of Charles De Coster, several designs of the theme in various materials as of the 1890ies.

The original work was erected at the ponds of Elsene, near a bench, where Charles De Coster always sat.

Purchased in 1956.

About the Artist:

The artist was born in Brussels and died in Cannes. A sculptor working with bronze, stone, ivory and wood. Charles Samuel was 15 years old when he took up apprenticeship with a goldsmith and medallist.

He studied at the Academy in Brussels and received a silver and golden medal at the World’s fair in Paris. His bas-reliefs, busts and memorials can be found everywhere in Belgium.

Charles  Samuel - Tijl en Nele
Belgium (Brussels)
France (Cannes)

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