Ingo Maurer - Interieurverlichting

Cafécultuur CC Scharpoord, Knokke

About the statue:

Maurer - Interieurverlichting Café cultuur

The artwork consists of 5 plaited mats that each consist of 4 x 4 neon tubes, each with a somewhat different and bold colour combination.

Purchased in: 2003

About the Artist:

Studied graphic designs. Worked for 3 years in the US as a freelance designer. In 1966, he settled in München and designed his first lamps. He participated in exhibitions and received prizes on a European level. 

He started working on his own in a basement, and now he is managing a firm with more than 30 staff members, using the most advanced light techniques.

Maurer - Interieurverlichting Café cultuurMaurer - Interieurverlichting Café cultuur
Germany (Reichenau)

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