Kris Martin - Reddersstoel

Vloedlijn Albertstrand, Duinbergen

About the statue:

Kris Martin - Redderstoel

A very simple lifeguard chair, made out of inox and covered with high-gloss paint, standing at the landwash, but facing land.

This image should make you think:”it makes us question ourselves in a world that continuously evolves; offering a view on an infinite distance, and at the same time a critical lookback. No one is sitting on the chair, no one can save us, only we can, if we realise it!

Sponsored by Marnixring De Blinckaert

About the Artist:

This young Flemish conceptual artist studied architecture. He designs all sorts of artistic installations that enter into a dialogue with their environment, induce an artistic effect, and make the spectator muse.

Kris Martin - RedderstoelKris Martin - Redderstoel

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