Catherine François - Tomorrow Man made by the sea

Groyne in front of Bréartstraat, Knokke

About the statue:


The idea is that Tomorrow Man, which has been installed on a breaker, erodes and changes colour. The statue is literally exposed to the elements: the tides, the sun, the wind and the rain.

The figure that is bent over weighs in at 400 kilos and is 2 metres tall. It braves the rising tide and the waves. And it is also a perfect example of the symbolism that François wants to express in her sculptures: man’s struggle against nature.

Pictures: © Catherine François 2019

About the Artist:

François studied communication sciences but has always been interested in many art forms, from portrait drawings and painting to sculpture. Since 1996, she has applied herself to sculpture. She mainly uses the lost wax casting process but likes to experiment with materials such as foam plastic, wood, textile of glass.

Many of her statues have holes. In choosing to do this, François wants to represent a destructive energy. The artist tries to reconcile extremes in her works. She wants to demonstrate that birth and destruction go hand in hand. Because everything is in constant flux. François tries to involve nature in her artworks, incorporating it in the sculpture.


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