Barry Flanagan - Hospitality

Duinen voor de Zwinvlakte, einde Zeedijk, Het Zoute

About the statue:

Flanagan Hospitality

Flanagan has been using the “hare” for many years as a starting point to formulate his ideas.

The animal stands for liberty, independence, dynamics, fertility, strength and individuality. This bronze statue on a bronze pyramid-shaped pedestal (the fifth of 5 similar statues spread across the world) was not accidentally placed in one of the most beautiful places of the country. 

Although this dynamical statue is a hare and not a rabbit, something one might expect in this biotope, it has been perfectly embedded in our dunes.  

The hare stands for “hospitality”, which is certainly important in our seaside resort.  “Hospitality” soon got a series of nicknames, the statue “keuning van ’t Zwin”, “Bugs Bunny” or simply “’t Keun” (West Flemish for rabbit).

Purchased: 1997

About the Artist:

The Briton Barry Flanagan is one of the most striking personalities of the post-war sculptors. He is still part of a rare group of contemporary artists, whose works are appreciated by broad layers of the population.

Evidence thereof is the interest that people from Europe, North-America, South-America, Asia, Australia… have in his work. He uses classic forms to address universal themes like the situation of the individual and the artist in society.

Flanagan Hospitalityflanagan-hospitality-03Flanagan HospitalityFlanagan at work

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