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Social Sofa - 15 artistic mosaic benches

Scharpoord cultural centre, Knokke

About the statue:


The 15 artistic mosaic benches were installed in 2010, on the occasion of the 16th Sculpture Link in Knokke-Heist.

Following the widespread and positive response, the town council purchased the benches, installing them across the entire municipality. They have now all been moved to the garden of the Scharpoord cultural centre. It took 15 artists an average 600 hours to apply the stones on each bench. Social Sofa’s mosaic benches are concrete outdoor benches.

Each bench features a different illustration. Mosaics are a more durable option because the sun’s UV rays do not alter the colours of the glass. They are easy to clean and the mosaics are difficult to break. Mosaic glass is also very weather-proof as it does not expand in summer and does not shrink in winter. Nor does it absorb moisture, so it cannot break because of frost in winter.

About the Artist:

The Social Sofa project was launched in Tilburg, the Netherlands and ultimately also found its way to our seaside resort in the margin of Art Nocturne Knocke. Social Sofa creates mosaic products and gives artists and people at a disadvantage in the labour market a new opportunity.


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