Wim Delvoye - Rose des vents II

Driehoeksplein, Het Zoute

About the statue:

De plassende Engel (Rose des vents II)

The “plassende engel” (peeing angel) in a patined polyester, derided as blasphemous and cherished by the inhabitants and tourists, is actually meant to be a compass rose and fountain. 

This statue also confronts religious kitsch with shabbiness. “The more people talk badly of my angel, the better. They will at least look at it then. People think it is filthy, whereas excreting is actually hygienic; I cannot stand filth.”

About the Artist:

This conceptual artist started his career in the mid 1980ies painting wallpaper and tapestry. Ever since then, he uses the most diverse materials with a surprising and preferably shocking result.

With his painted calor gas cylinders, tattooed pigs, sand bottles, machines that produce faeces, erotic burning glass in a chapel he confronts kitsch and an absolute lack of taste with what he believes art should do: “communicate, form images that etch in people’s memory”, which makes him an internationally renowned artist.

De plassende Engel (Rose des vents II)

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