Jos De Decker - Eva

Duinendreef/Poststraat, Duinbergen

About the statue:

De Decker - Eva

Jos De Decker won the Prize of Rome in 1941 with this statue. The body of Eva has been worked out in a very convincing and plastic way. The elegant pose is very striking:  lightly bending the right knee, the entwined arms on the back, the head lightly bended and turned sideways, the mysterious – barely noticeable- smile…

Her hair does not cover her serene face. The beautiful Eva has almond-shaped eyes and a powerfully carved straight nose, the lines practically fading into the eyebrows. A mysterious – barely noticeable- smile on her lips.

Donated by Gallery Dieleman in 1993

About the Artist:

Sculptor; studied at the academies of Dendermonde and Brussels, where he was awarded several first prizes and medals. 

His bronze and marble figurative artwork, mostly women and horses, are definitely evidence of a special creative power, inspiration and expressivity, partly due to the precise forms and sober lines. De Decker has an impressive record of awards and prizes.

De Decker - EvaDe Decker - EvavDe Decker - Eva

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