About Statues in the City

The municipality of Knokke-Heist has more than thirty artworks displayed in public places. You can find them in Duinbergen, Heist and Knokke, spread throughout the community.  A page with information about the artist, the work, pictures and documents that can be downloaded are presented for each piece on this website.

Discovering the unique series of Statutes in the City is a pleasant way to explore our seaside resort.  You can discover this route with a brochure (sold by the Tourist Office), digital routes (that you can print or download) or a ride on the tourist train. During July and August, a guided tour is scheduled every week on Wednesday afternoon.

This website offers primary schools from Knokke-Heist the necessary tools to participate in our godparent project. Students and teachers from the 5th and 6th tear of primary school will be able to organise projects on a statue that they will adopt for the duration of one school year.  You can keep track of their projects on this website as of the school year 2009-2010.