Gert Verhoeven - Lichttorenplein

Lichttorenplein, Knokke

About the statue:

Verhoeven - Lichttorenplein

The Tourist Office has a brand new accommodation. The tourist service in Knokke moved to a brand new building, located on the Lichttorenplein at the seawall of Knokke. The old lighthouse from 1872 was demolished in 1954. But it has risen again from its ashes and can be admired in all its splendour and glory on the fully redesigned Lichttorenplein.

Because of this, Knokke-Heist has a new artwork in its possession. Although the lighthouse is no longer functional, it will remain to be a beacon for hundred thousands of tourists.

The square has been fully redesigned and the Tourist Office building can be seen from the seawall. Three high posts have been erected on the seawall, rising high above the lightning posts. The Lichttorenplein has been tiled with pink tiles and also the fountain located at the entrance of the office sprouts pink coloured water.

About the Artist:

The 43-year-old artist Gert Verhoeven, who lives and works in Brussels, often creates objects “that on their turn end up in a social system and derive their value from that”.

By personifying an object – in this case the square at the new Tourist Office- it seems as if it is leading a life of its own. Verhoeven was strongly influenced by Magritte, who was also an important artist for Knokke at that time.

Verhoeven - LichttorenpleinVerhoeven - LichttorenpleinVerhoeven - LichttorenpleinVerhoeven - Lichttorenplein
Belgium (Louvain)

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