Léon Mignon - Borstbeeld Verwee

Alfred Verweeplein, Knokke

About the statue:

Léon Mignon - Borstbeeld Verwee

This bronze statue was made to commemorate the death of Alfred Verwee, on the initiative of his friend alderman Paul Parmentier, for the efforts he had produced to transform Knokke into an international seaside resort.

In 1993, the statue was moved. The Verweeplein was redesigned and the statue needed to be moved to the town hall, where it is still standing today.

Donated by Verwee’s friends

About the Artist:

Sculptor, born in Liège, especially famous for his animal sculptures. He studied at the academy in Liège and later on in Rome (Italy). He was very successful at the world’s fair of 1878 in Paris (France) with his ‘Fighting bulls’.

Also the 'Hercules relief' at the Royal Library in Brussels was made by him. He died in Schaarbeek.

Léon Mignon - Borstbeeld VerweeLéon Mignon - Borstbeeld VerweeLéon Mignon - Borstbeeld VerweeLéon Mignon
Belgium (Luik)
Belgium (Schaarbeek)

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