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Irene Droogleever/Robert Fortuyn/O'Brien - Down in the woods today

Joseph Stübbenpark, Duinbergen

About the statue:

Down in the woods today

This elegant ironwork with plexiglass consists of 2 metal fencing of 4 m high and 3.60 m wide. Each fencing weighs about 100 kilogram. This piece was exhibited at the Venice Biennale and the Kröller-Müller Museum.

It was purchased in 1998.

About the Artist:

This artist collective, at that time commuting between New York and Amsterdam, integrated metal constructions, a sort of garden decorations or pieces of scenery, which were mostly put in a natural environment.

By doing so, they create a surprising landscape, able to invite childlike amazement, that is why all the titles are inspired by children's songs. The artists want to question the current function of sculptures.

Irene Droogleever Fortuyn is born in The Netherlands (Geldrop) in 1959
Robert O'Brien was born in Great Britain in 1951 and passed away in  The Netherlands (Leiden) in 1989.

Down in the woods todayDown in the woods today

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