Eugène Dodeigne - Eva

Canadasquare, Albertstrand, Knokke

About the statue:

Eugène Dodeigne - Eva

The statue Eva, made from Burgundian stone, was placed before the Casino as a memento of Gustave Nellens (1907-1971), casino manager and promoter of Knokke.

Purchased: 1974

About the Artist:

Sculptor, draughtsman. Was educated by his father, a French stone sculptor. Lived in France and studied in Tourcoing and Paris.

He found his inspiration in the human figure, which is roughly cut out of stone and therefore radiating monumentality and strength, but also with a certain vulnerability; monumental, static and massive shapes in an upright position, that remind you of menhirs. Since the mid 1990ies, he has focused on drawing, mainly dancers.

Eugène Dodeigne - EvaEugène Dodeigne - Eva
Sprimont, Belgium
July 27th 1923

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