Emile Raes - De meeuwen

Europaplein, Duinbergen

About the statue:

Emile Raes - De meeuwen

One would definitely not think that this elegant white sculpture is actually armoured concrete!  It creates a special motion that reminds us of flying seagulls and fits in perfectly with the modern buildings surrounding the statue.

Purchased in 1967

About the Artist:

This all-round artist (sculptor, painter, ceramist, tapestry designer, and autodidact) settled in his villa in Duinbergen that he designed himself after the Second World War. In 1948, he demonstrated his talent when producing the remarkable –for that time revolutionary – wooden Stations of the Cross in the Dominican Chapel.

Emile Raes participated – amongst other things- in the world’s fair of 1958 in Brussels. He is the father of the photographer from Knokke Fabien Raes.

Emile Raes - De meeuwenEmile Raes - De meeuwenEmile Raes - De meeuwenEmile Raes - De meeuwenEmile Raes - De meeuwen

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